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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one Rebecca "Becky" Lynn Manzke (nee Marquardt) who was born on October 13, 1976 and passed away on June 29, 2011 at the age of 34. We will remember her forever.

Loving mother of Timothy James “TJ” and Trinity Lynn. Precious and loving daughter of Gary Marquardt and Diane (Dennis) Eckrich. Cherished sister of Amanda Marquardt. Beloved granddaughter of Leonard (the late Carol) Marquardt and the late Veronica Roth. Dear niece of Raymond (Liz) Kofler, Marlene (Scott) Schuda, Linda (Antonio Martinez) Plevak, Linda (Chris) Peterson and her best friend Auntie Barb Gratz. Further survived by cousins, Tim Manzke and Family, other relatives, wonderful friends and her many students.

Becky was a true gift to our world. Motherhood was her passion, TJ and Trinity always came first, they were the pride and joy of her life. She adored all children, embracing every moment with enthusiasm and a genuine love. Becky had a special gift for dance, a gift that she wanted to share with all. She was only two days away from opening her Sundance Studios, a studio that would have enabled so many to be a part of her gift. Becky’s love for children, dance and life will forever be carried on in the hearts of all who had the privilege of knowing her.


We love you sooo much!
                                           TJ and Trinity
Tributes and Condolences
To TJ, Trinity, and the rest of the family.   / Sarah McGillis (cousin)
I want to remember that Jesus who loves us will see fit to bring some good out of this tragedy.  Whenever you feel upset sad or worried about your future call on God ask him for help and trust him with all your heart that he will give you what y...  Continue >>
My Heart is Sad   / Melissa Arnold (Alverno Classmate )
I am grateful for the time that I knew Rebecca but so sad that it was such a short amount of time. We found common ground with our experiences working in special education and teaching dance. The first day we met we went out for lunch and had a w...  Continue >>
Of Blessed Memory   / Phil Musickant (former colleague )
To the Family: I want to express my condolences on the recent passing of your beloved Becky. Rebecca and I taught together at Bay View H.S. I will remember her for her dedication to her students and for her intellgience and sense of humor. She will b...  Continue >>
Condolences  / De'Laceana Brooks (student @ Audubon Highschool )
Ms. Manzke and I had just met a few days before mothers day. She helped me create a beautiful bouquet of kisses flowers for my mother. Her nad I had talked about how important it was to cherish our mothers. Just by having that short conversation she ...  Continue >>
Our sympathies   / Nicki K. (former co worker )
On behalf of the Southwest YMCA staff we are sincerely sorry about this loss.  Becky was a co-worker to many and she will be remembered always.  Our prayers go out to her children and other family and friends during this difficult time.<...  Continue >>
To my dear neice  / Scott &. Marlene Schuda (Aunt & Uncle )    Read >>
Condolences to Becky's family, friends, & students  / Brenda Kilpatrick (Instructor)    Read >>
To The Best Teacher Ever In The Whole World.  / Yolanda Gonzalez (Best Student )    Read >>
To The Best Teacher Ever In The Whole World.  / Teresa Amezcua (Best Student )    Read >>
Heartfelt condolences  / Julie Dolinky (Colleague At Audubon )    Read >>
Prayers are with you!  / Sheri Stachowiak &. Family (2nd cousin )    Read >>
For Amanda  / Jan Keddie     Read >>
Amazing person.  / Nina Ceccato (Student)    Read >>
For as long as there is music  / Rachael Adrian (coworker)    Read >>
My prayers go out to all who've known Becky.  / Christina Knutson (Fellow Graduate Student )    Read >>
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Her legacy
Rebecca's Eulogy  
Delivered by Amanda with Trinity at her side
My beautiful sister Rebecca Lynn was so many things to so many people:
A Teacher.
A Friend.
An Aunt.
A Cousin.
A Niece.
A Granddaughter.
A Daughter.
Too many other things to list. But most of all:
A Mother.

After my sister graduated here at Carroll College I asked her:
"What are you going to do now that you have your degree?"
And with the utmost clarity she said:
"I am going to be a mother."
I thought to myself:
"You needed a degree in biology to figure that out?"

Being a mother was the most important thing in the world to my sister.
I'll never forget the day the she brought TJ into the world. The pride she had and still has for her son is immeasurable. TJ turned a light on in her heart that burns so brightly it can never be dimmed.

From the very start I always admired my sister's incredible attention to detail and passion as she pursued the art of motherhood.
She passed on her creativity to her children which we of course gained from our mother.

She gave them the gifts of sensitivity and exemplary kindness. She taught them how important family was by taking them to see our family up north and down south and points in between.

Life was precious to her and not a moment was wasted.

Any spare moments she had she gave to others. Becky was so supportive. Very supportive. She always had room in her heart to reach out to support friends her family and to incredible lengths her students.
For mother's day she had her students make these.

At this point Trinity held up a little artificial flower

For mother's day she had her students make these. Delicate roses made of chocolate kisses. She knew how important mothers are to their children and how much mothers needed to see that appreciation. And she didn't just 'tell' as she taught. She led by example. This one belongs to my mother.

Her tenacity and drive still blow me away. She was teaching High School coaching poms pursuing her master's raising two incredible children and since that wasn't quite enough she was scheduled to open her own dance studio just two short days ago.

Sundance was to be a place that afforded opportunities to so many children. But more than that it was the place where she would teach Trinity to dance.

Dance is one of the purest forms of expression. It transcends words.
It really is like talking with your soul.
Some beautiful things have been said about the art of dance.
Trinity will read some of them to you.

Trinity reads

I could believe only in a God that knows how to dance.

Dancing faces you towards heaven whichever direction you turn.

Dancers are the messengers of the gods.

You can dance anywhere even if only in your heart.

Shake it til the moon becomes the sun.

There are shortcuts to happiness and dance is one of them.

Dancing with feet is one thing but dancing with the heart is another.

Let us dance in the sun wearing wild flowers in our hair.

Amanda reads

Sundance Studios.

Becky loved the sun. She always longed for warm climates. I believe she loved the sun because of its warmth and light and because it is a source of life for all of our little planet without discretion.

Next time you see the sun rise and peek out of the heavens take a moment to watch its beautiful rays dance across the sky.

After this TJ requested to say a few impromptu words.
They were strong and beautiful.
They are not listed as they were not written ahead of time.

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Dance- one of Becky's greatest passions.
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